AG: Keystone XL will bring jobs to South Dakota


Attorney General Marty Jackley recently commented on the Keystone XL Pipeline that was recently approved by President Donald Trump.

Jackley said the oil pipeline could have a positive impact on South Dakota jobs.

"I think it has a wonderful opportunity for economic development in jobs, and I think that's why our federal delegation and our governor have been so supportive,” explained Jackley.

The Tribe also opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline, which has recently seen vandalism. DETAILS

“When you look at what happened up in North Dakota, there is concern for possible protests,” said Jackley. “I have taken the position as attorney general, and certainly under the First Amendment - people have the right to protest. They have a right to express themselves, but they can't cross that line and either damage property or hurt individuals."

The pipeline will move oil from Alberta Canada, across Montana and South Dakota, to Nebraska. In Nebraska, it will connect with existing pipelines feeding into the Gulf Coast.

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