After 18 months of talks, pipeline zoning thrown out

York News Times - After 18 months of discussion and delays, the York County Commissioners voted 4-1 to deny setting any zoning regulations pertaining to underground transmission lines - which obviously also includes oil and tar sands pipelines.


York County Board Votes 4-1 to Reject Pipeline Zoning Regulations

YORK, NE -- York County commissioners followed the recommendation of their county attorney and voted 4-1 on Tuesday morning to reject proposed zoning regulation of underground transmission lines including pipelines. Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence (NJEI) steadfastly opposed the proposed regulations over the last eighteen months as they were discussed, developed and debated.


Why the Keystone XL Will Be Built in the End - The map (and all of the power that goes with it) is being recast right before our eyes. Not long ago, powerful armies decided who held the upper hand in global politics. Today, the shape of the world is dominated by energy. In fact, last Thursday, two events thousands of miles apart once again demonstrated how central energy has become in the world of geopolitics.


Transportation Department report gives the outlook for the next 30 years

Washington Post - Before diving into a thicket of transportation data and questions, a hefty new federal study makes a traffic projection that could get a chuckle, even from folks in Nebraska: Omaha, the new Los Angeles. That's by 2045, the study says, when traffic congestion in Omaha (current population of 435,353) could be just as bad as it is in L.A. (current population of 10 million).


Will Obama Negotiate On Keystone XL? - After six years of kicking the can down the road, the President will finally have the out he needs to approve the Keystone pipeline. The question is, will he? The Senate yesterday passed a bill approving the Keystone pipeline, 62 to 36 with nine Democrats abandoning the White House in order to vote for the measure.