Texas refineries need new Canadian oil pipelines, report says

Gulf Coast refineries in Texas and beyond need new oil pipelines from Canada to cut down on their supply costs, a new report Tuesday from the IHS Markit research firm concludes.


Keystone XL pipeline enters final review

The Grand Island Independent - With the last remaining hurdle removed from the Dakota Access Pipeline, environmental activists have fixated their attention on the last procedural step to free completion of the final 275-mile section of the Keystone XL pipeline project, sited across Nebraska.


Public Service Commission schedules May 3 public meeting in York on Keystone XL pipeline

LINCOLN — The Nebraska Public Service Commission has scheduled a May 3 public meeting in York on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Members of the public are invited to provide input on the controversial pipeline, which would carry heavy crude from western Canada to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. TransCanada Corp., the company building the pipeline, has submitted an application seeking approval of a roughly 275-mile route through the state.


OPPD will add even more wind power to serve Facebook data center

Omaha World-Herald - Social media giant Facebook is helping to boost the share of electricity from wind within the Omaha Public Power District.


Energy Pipeline: Greeley man spends life chasing the dream of hydrogen drilling

Greeley Tribune- In 1956, Greeley resident Charlie Odendhal started working with a Shell Oil and Gas metallurgical team that focused on preventing hydrogen embrittlement in the field. In the process of drilling for oil and gas, hydrogen would get into the drill bits, causing them to break. Shell would just cap the hydrogen vents and move on with the operation. Today, 61 years later, Odendhal — along with a small team of international scientists — is on a mission to drill and capture that hydrogen Shell so easily dismissed. The hydrogen would be used to create ammonia, which would then be used to make fertilizer for farming.