Keystone XL is in the nation's interest!

Another evaluation of environmental impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline again finds the pipeline's construction and operation will have minimal impact on the environment. A new report done by the State Department confirms that The Keystone XL pipeline will have minimal impact on the environment. KXL is an ideal infrastructure project to create construction jobs and move the U.S. closer to energy security.










Nebraskans for Jobs & Energy Independence is a committed group of Nebraskans who believe that our state can play a key role in the future of U.S. energy policy. Most energy experts will tell you that Nebraska is in a unique and advantageous position to play a key role in the future of energy in the United States. Nebraska's exisiting ethanol production, enormous wind power potential, and central geographic position mean that Nebraska can both generate and transmit power and energy sources for the rest of the nation -- creating jobs, growing the economy and decreasing the need to import oil from unstable sources. Join us and make yourself heard!

Video: Brigham McCown Interview

Brigham McCown, Former Administrator U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, discusses the safety of the Keystone XL Pipeline in Nebraska.


Cornhuskers Across the State Support Keystone XL

Over 4,000 Nebraskan residents have a signed a petition by Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence in support of the Keystone XL Pipeline. From the bright lights of Omaha and Lincoln to the farming communities in western Nebraska, Nebraskans agree: "We need jobs. We need energy. We need Keystone XL."

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